I am considering breeding a litter in 2017, depending on my personal and professional responsibilities and the level of interest in a litter. Please contact me if you are interested in a Cordillera Puppy. I only breed occasionally and prefer to place my puppies in experienced homes that will do extensive training and performance events. However, I do consider experienced, active pet homes if they can assure me they are prepared for a Border Collie. Most of all I want my puppies to go to homes where they will be well -behaved, loved, and cherished. All of my dogs have extensive health clearances that I will gladly verify with the certification documents. I am happy to speak with potential puppy owners at any time about the breed, and why I feel health clearances are so important. If you are thinking about owning a Border Collie, please consider a dog from a shelter or rehome situation – contact me as I may be able to help you find a lovely dog who needs a home.